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Tiger Tribe

Fashion Design Mix And Match Collection

Do you have a budding fashion designer in your house? Get their creative juices flowing with Tiger Tribe’s Fashion Design Mix & Match Collection — a fabulous, all-in-one set filled with everything you need to create your own mix and match outfits.

Let your inner designer shine! Simple step-by-step instructions will have you creating your very own coordinated wardrobe!

First use the stencils to create outlines on the pattern pages, then cut out the garments. Trial and test the clothes as you go, creating new and unique outfit combinations. Once you are happy with the ‘look’, glue the clothes to the models on the design pad and finish off and accessorise your creation with stickers and coloured pencils.

Each Fashion Design set includes: 4 sticker sheets, 1 stencil sheet, 1 HB and 6 coloured pencils, 4 pattern sheets, design pad, glue, handy storage box

Age 5+

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