Olieve and Olie

Olieve and Olie Diffusers

Make your room more relaxing and pleasing with an invigorating blend of robust fragrances and natural essences. This hand-crafted reed diffuser has been specifically designed to delicately release Olieve & Olie’s signature fragrances into the air. A clever flameless scent solution for uninterrupted ambience which continuously fills your room with an uplifting, fresh and purifying aroma.

O&O diffusers leave behind complex, generous fragrances that last for up to four months. The reeds are fast-wicking, easy to use and provide a controlled, reliable rate of fragrance release. A beautiful design that will easily accentuate any room and beautifully boxed for the perfect gift idea for any occasion. All O&O reed diffusers are set in reusable glass vessels. Repurpose as a vase, a planter for small succulents or for stationary supplies.

  • Reed diffuser with the highest quality fragrances and natural essences.
  • 4 high gauge natural black reeds.
  • Stands 20cm tall
  • Size | 140ml
  • Fragrance | 4 months

Made without animal products, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and phosphates.