Brumby Sunstate

Who's Hiding In The Ocean?

Who's Hiding in the Ocean? will have the whole family vying for victory!

Pick a card, any card! Now pick another. Between any animal and ocean card there will only ever be one animal that features on both. Can you be the first to find it? Featuring Caroline Selmes's delightful animal illustrations and undersea scenes!

  • AMAZING ILLUSTRATIONS: Explore Caroline Selme's intricately drawn underwater world, bursting with minute detail! 
  • ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY: A matching game for the whole family with super-detailed underwater scenes that reward returning again and again. 
  • HOURS OF COZY FUN: Take a deep dive and learn to recognize fish from around the world - all from the comfort of home!
  • PERFECT GIFT: Illustration-led, highly finished, 57-card unique matching game, for maximum gifting appeal.


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