Mindful & Co

Yoga Flash Cards

Encourage the practice of Mindfulness on-the-go with our beautifully crafted Yoga flashcards.

With 26 beautifully hand-illustrated poses from celebrated children's illustrator, Chloe Jasmine to learn from, these flashcards are exclusively designed for Mindful and Co - Kids, and is the perfect study tool for your little human to continue their yoga practice from wherever they are.

With an accompanying explanation of each pose, how to achieve it, and its benefits on the back of each flash-card, your child will not only gain the knowledge they need for their own practice, but the ability to show others how to embrace yoga for themselves.

The finer details:
  • 26 hand-illustrated, beautifully crafted yoga cards
  • Each flash-card comes with explanation poem on each individual Yoga Pose
  • Includes instruction card for Parents
  • Includes game cards
  • Exclusive to Mindful and Co - Kids

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