Our Gift to Everyone

Our vision is to make the world as lovely and happy as possible through the simple act of spreading kindness.

Fostering joy and kindness is what motivates us to continually create the most unique gift store in Kingscliff and make it accessible to all of Australia online.

Our Present Values 

Our values are the sticky tape and ribbon that keep us together and make us the best online gift shop to unwrap in Kingscliff.

The best gifts create Connection that extend beyond the moment of receiving. They connect us to people, memories, and parts of our personality that we cherish.
Kindnessis easy and needed on this planet more than ever, plus it’s totally free! Every product purchased comes with its very own serving of the most contagious kindness. After all, we are ridiculously committed to spreading the stuff.

Joy!The wonderful side effect of experiencing and giving contagious kindness. We hope you live, breathe, and feel joy to its fullest extent, from browsing, to purchase and beyond.
We want you to embrace your individuality, both as a giver and receiver. Say good-bye to giving forgetful gifts and hello to quirky, personal, and truly thoughtful presents they’ll never forget - expertly chosen from our unique Kingscliff gift store.

Sustainability and being kind to our planet is what drives our integrity. We have built the best online gift shop in Kingscliff that celebrates quality made products that don’t hurt our earth.

Finally, we’re a ridiculously helpful bunch and it’s likely we might know what your loved one wants well before you do. We LOVE searching for the perfect gift. 

We’re guaranteed to stop you stressing and make sure you leave us with one less gift to buy (although we can’t guarantee you won’t add something to the list for yourself!)

With love from, the Joy-Makers



Hi there! We’re Melissa & Alex, co-owners and chief joy-makers here at Oxley & Moss. The doors of our first unique gift store in the buzzing coastal town of Kingscliff opened back in 2014 and we’ve been obsessed with spreading kindness ever since.

We have both travelled a creative path that has led us to having a knack for discovering beautiful treasures, unique gifts and interesting homewares. We’ve created the best online gift shop in Kingscliff and are proud to be your destination for unique and interesting products that people just really love to give (and receive!)

At Oxley and Moss we feel like we have created the perfect blend of a big-city boutique with the heart and soul of a small coastal town. 

Seeing the joy that comes from finding the perfect gift or an original piece for your home is addictive - and we are hooked! 5 years later, our thriving coastal store was bursting with too many goodies to keep behind 4 walls, so we decided to spread the smiles even further - and so the best online gift shop for Kingscliff and beyond was born!

We believe in kindness, real connection, and conscious gifting. We don’t want you to choose just any gift, we want you to choose the PERFECT gift that will be treasured and cherished for years to come.