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Discover fun new ways to relax and focus with Mindful Doodling - Night Lines.

This mindfulness activity set is designed to encourage tweens to unplug, slow down and de-stress by helping them focus their minds on meditative drawing activities. And by doing so become more present in the moment.

Mindful Doodling - Night Lines provides easy visual step-by-step instructions to show kids how to get started with creating neon doodles and patterns that ‘pop’ using the supplied gel pens, and applying them to a selection of black paper templates and illustrations.

Based on creating simple lines, dots, swirls and squiggles — the Mindful Doodling activities are all about the process not the outcome. There is no right or wrong way, so children are able to draw freely with the vibrant gel pens and respond to the shapes and patterns that emerge and simply enjoy the creative process.

This portable kit allows kids to take their mindful practice with them wherever they go and encourages hands-on fun and unplugged creative play.