Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolate Lemon Meringue Bar

Created as a limited edition Easter treat, the Meringue & Lemon flavour was chosen as an "absolute favourite".

Tony's main mission is to provide 100% slave-free chocolate, not just their chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. Made from Belgian milk chocolate, this bar is Fairtrade. Suitable for vegetarians, this bar will leave you wanting more.

Why we love the limited edition Tony's Lemon Meringue Milk Chocolate:

  • It's Fair Trade and slave free
  • It's made from delicious Belgian chocolate
  • The wrapping is just like Willy Wonka chocolate bars! And the inside of the wrapper tells the Tony's Chocolonely story
  • It comes in a generous 180g block
  • There's no plastic to see here

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